Your BEST CHANCE of Survival

Bugging in is your best chance of survival in many disasters. This video discusses the different aspects of bugging in that you need to have covered to increase your chances of survival.

Recommended Gear and Resources:
Battery-Operated Lantern: (affiliate link)
Dietz Oil Lantern: (affiliate link)
Tent Fan: (affiliate link)
Battery-Operated Fan: (affiliate link)
Door Barricade Brackets: (affiliate link)
Guardline Battery-Operated Motion Sensors: (affiliate link)
Battery Door and Window Alarms: (affiliate link)
Carbon Monoxide Alarm: (affiliate link)
Emergency Gas and Water Shutoff Tool: (affiliate link)
Camco Bucket Toilet: (affiliate link)
Wallaby Mylar Bags (100 Count): (affiliate link)
Solo Alcohol Stove: (affiliate link)
Ecozoom Versa Rocket Stove: (affiliate link)
Scepter Military Water Can: (affiliate link)
Big Berkey Water Filter: (affiliate link)
Sawyer TAP Water Filter: (affiliate link)
Champion Dual Fuel Generator: (affiliate link)
Ecoflow River Pro Solar Generator: (affiliate link)
Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries: (affiliate link)
Anker Battery Bank: (affiliate link)
Midland ER310 Emergency Radio: (affiliate link)
Baofeng HAM Radio: (affiliate link)
3M N95 Masks: (affiliate link)
Foxfire Book Series: (affiliate link)

How to Purify Water In a Long-Term Disaster:

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