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2 days ago


Police Encrypting the Radios – Chicago Next!

Chicago police joining national wave of encrypting radio communication, raising transparency concerns Chicago police joining national wave of encrypting radio […]

Author: Bruno Robertos

2 days ago


Back to 2019, I Built Bird Nest Tree House To Stay in The Wild, MrBeast Reaction Video

Back to 2019, I Built Bird Nest Tree House To Stay in The Wild, MrBeast Reaction Video Thank you MrBeast […]

2 days ago



Overnight survival challenge with Ikea items only! CHECK OUT OUR MERCH! ► BOOK US ON CAMEO! Follow us […]

3 days ago


Cat 3 Coming My Way

…and I’m excited as hell. We experienced several on our boat but never on land . I made a list […]

Author: Bruno Robertos

3 days ago


GAME OVER for EUROPE – People resort to desperate measures!

GAME OVER for EUROPE – People resort to desperate measures! #recession #inflation #prepping ►APO-1 Dealers: ➜ USA/Canada: ➜ DE/Österreich/Schweiz: […]

Learn 10 Advanced Bushcraft & Survival Skills!

Advanced Skills to Learn! Become an Expert Survivalist!

#survival #bushcraft #camping #commando #infantry #military #fire #primitive #sere #prepping #wilderness #knife #axe #saw

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